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The Common Denominator To Modern Successful Organisations

A focus on employees is the common denominator in modern and successful organisations.

Despite significant movement towards digitisation, robotics, and automation, humans remain at the core of the most successful organisations in the world. It has become best practice at leading organisations to establish and maintain a strong relationship with their key assets - their employees - by listening, understanding, and responding to their wants, needs and overall sentiments. The Start Smart’s Employee Engagement Refocus is a strategic program  that co-creates an employee engagement framework, to be deployed and used on an ongoing and modular basis, helping leaders exceed their objectives with their employees at the centre of the achievement. 

The Start Smart’s Employee Engagement Quadrant

The leading organisations in the world have a strong focus on employee engagement. The Start Smart Employee Engagement Quadrant provides a visual representation of the impact of employee engagement on an organisation’s ability to deliver against its objectives. It plots the level of Employee Engagement at organisations, in key Australian industries, against their operational performance over the pandemic period thus far.


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Data Shows misalignment between Employer and Employee

A recent independent poll of Australian employees conducted by The Start Smart shows that the majority of respondents expressed negative sentiment towards their employer, including lack of confidence in job security and business direction (particularly post-covid), lack of goal alignment, and a lack of unity and cohesion in decision making. 


67% of employees

do not believe their organisation is ready for the new year after the pandemic


69% of employees

do not believe their managers goals for the business are aligned to theirs


86% of employees

said that their workplaces were not cohesive and unified when making significant decisions

Read more about The Start Smart Employee Engagement Poll
Benefits of Understanding Employee Engagement

By understanding employee sentiment and concern, an employer can anticipate and prepare for challenges that may impact the attainment of their organisation's objectives. It creates a culture of trust, confidence and unity, and enables leaders to unlock maximum potential in their people and their organisations.

employee engagement
  • A strategic roadmap that aligns organisational objective to employee sentiment to effectively execute the changes needed to guide your people toward 2021 and beyond

  • Using Employee Engagement as an ongoing strategic advantage to achieve organisational objectives 

  • Ensure that everyone is on the same page and that employees are clear on goals, objectives and plans. When every stakeholder in your organisation is aligned, your output is more efficient and effective.

Common Misconceptions about Employee Engagement

Understanding employee sentiment and engagement is more than just asking your employees how they are feeling. As one of the organisation’s most valuable assets, an asset that is essential for success and scale, information flow down the line and back up the line has never been more essential. The recent poll conducted by The Start Smart is indicative of the sentiments around most organisations, despite employers believing they have a good handle on how their workforce are feeling. Other common misconceptions we hear around employee engagement include:

understanding employee sentiment

We use a third party tool

As the best companies in the world focus more on employee engagement as a strategic tool to achieve company objectives, so to have more third party tools hit the market to measure this engagement. While a tool can be useful for facilitation of data collection and presentation of results, an holistic approach to program conceptualisation, data collection and processing, outcome definition, and initiative execution is essential for any successful program. A tool is only one of the elements of a successful employee engagement initiative.

We do surveys

While surveying your employees is a start, response bias is a major concern that can greatly affect this type of initiative to measure employee engagement. Considerations such as question type, response rates, and the output of actionable initiatives, all compromise the effectiveness of solely performing surveys.

We have a dedicated HR department

The work of the Human Resources (HR) department has evolved considerably over the years, so much so that the term HR has become somewhat redundant and replaced by the term People and Culture - largely because a company’s workforce is more than just a human resource. Then, so too has the responsibility of the people leaders in a business expanded, to become a true voice in the organisation for both the leaders of the organisation and the people on the front line that make the magic happen.

We have regular social events

A company with a packed employee social calendar, or better yet a packed office kitchen, was once the sign of a desirable company - think Google, Apple or any "dot com" company. The best companies have fast come to learn that employee engagement runs deeper than a full belly, and extends well beyond what happens when they’re just sitting at their desk.

The Start Smart Employee Engagement Refocus

The Start Smart’s Employee Engagement Refocus (EER) is a strategic initiative used by leading organisations to accelerate operational performance.  It ensures that the goals, values and objectives of an organisation, and it’s most valuable assets - it’s employees, are truly aligned and remain aligned, enabling superior operational efficiency and effectiveness. 

EER employs an integrated approach including behavioural design, data science and EER technologies, that holistically combines humans and technologies to create a cohesive and compelling story of the employee engagement status throughout an organisation. It is designed to instill an organisational culture centred around the Voice of Employees as a key input into business enablement and the execution of initiatives with assurance and confidence.

Features of Employee Engagement Refocus:


Data Driven and Real Data Utilisation:

The Employee Engagement Refocus is assured by behavioral design and data science principles, enabling the execution of data driven engagement studies. This allows the creation of a precise, cohesive and compelling story of your organisation.


Created blending Human and Technology Capabilities:

EER blends human and technological capabilities to create a combined approach for the Employee Engagement Refocus, that is backed by data, deployed by technology, and brought to life by humans.


Modular and Ongoing and Easily Deployed:

Designed to be modular and easily deployed, with results produced within weeks instead of years, the Employee Engagement Refocus is created to be collaboratively ongoing for maximum traceability and execution.


Augmented AI to Learn and Provide Insights:

EER's proprietary formula of augmented AI enables deeper insights into an organisation's employee engagement to enable leaders to make decisions using ongoing and immediate insights, as opposed to traditional periodic reports.


Experience Outcomes NOT Consulting Fees:

Holistically designed, deployed and enabled by our Go To Market X team, we bring expertise and our own proprietary technologies. This excludes third party contractors and software, allowing us to deliver impactful outcomes in a cost effective manner.



Co-creation between organisation leaders and The Start Smart is critical for effective employee initiatives - template approaches do not work! EER employs an amalgamated approach with an organisation through co-creation, to ensure the success of the deployment and the outcomes.

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